I am a passionate 3D Modeler with an always hungry, never satisfied attitude. My name is Abhishek Kumathe, a B.F.A Visual Effects graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design. Though 3D Modeling is my strongest skill, I am capable of doing CG Generalist work.


I am extremely passionate about CG images for movies, games and advertisements. Over time, I have become more confident and efficient with my skills and ability to tell a story through a 3D image. I enjoy telling a story through the characters, lighting and color. As a result of my education at SCAD, I have learned and understood to work better in a team and feel more confident to lead and follow. I would like to work in an environment with fellow talented artists to learn and grow as a CG artist and integrate my creativity and artistic talent with 3D skills.


Always Hungry! Never Satisfied!

Hello! This is me! :)