What do you call an own that can do magic tricks?

Hoodini XD (My growing interest for FX made me type that joke down)


If you zoom in enough, you can see a small dot between my eyebrows.(Zoom In) No, it's not because I'm an Indian but because I hurt myself and needed stitches there.

I am Abhishek (You can call me Abhi). My keen interest lies in Lighting & LookDev so I spend majority of my time practising and learning new skills and techniques related to create awesome CGI.


What am I most likely to catch you doing when not rendering?

  • There is a high chance I am eating. I eat a lot! :D

Do you even lift bruh?

  • Yes I do. More than you can guess.

Do I watch cricket?

  • No, I don't. I was a state cricket player during my school days but I don't watch cricket. I watch tennis and football. I mean, FOOTBALL not soccer or "handegg".

Fun Fact: I have lived in 3 different continents which includes 4 different countries.

  • North America: USA & Canda

  • Asia: India

  • Africa: Uganda